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Dimity Powell


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Dimity Powell loves filling every spare moment with words. She is the Managing Editor for Kids’ Book Review and writes and reviews exclusively for children with over 28 published stories. If kids’ stories were ice cream, picture books would be her favourite flavour. She’s even churned out a few of her own including The Fix-It Man, (2017), At the End of Holyrood Lane, (2018), Pippa, (2019) and Oswald, due in 2020. Dimity lives just around the corner from Bat Man on the Gold Coast but their paths rarely cross because super heroes can be such snobs!

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Having Fun and Being Brave!
An upbeat yet sensitive introduction to the characters of my latest picture books, Pippa (Pippa, 2019) and Flick (At The End of Holyrood Lane, 2018), exploring their similarities and differences (one’s a pigeon!) whilst inviting interactive discussion about fears and anxieties and how to overcome them to encourage emotional awareness and resilience. Includes book reading and puppet play.


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