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Giuseppe Poli

Author and Illustrator

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Giuseppe Poli is a Brisbane based Children’s Picture Book Author Illustrator. After four years in the children’s literature scene he is currently illustrating his tenth picture book. In 2018 his Author Illustrator debut, Young MacDonald, was published by Yellow Brick Books. Giuseppe and his wife Katie Poli also released their debut as a children’s picture book team, Marvellous Mummy, published by New Frontier Publishing in Australia and the UK.

His latest book, Invisible Jerry, written by Adam Wallace and published by EK Books was released in November 2018 in Australia, CAN, NZ, UK and the US. Invisible Jerry has received many amazing reviews to date. Reading Time Review

Giuseppe has two goals – to be a prolific Children’s Picture Book Author Illustrator creating incredibly beautiful, wondrous and emotive Children’s Picture Books and to share what he has learnt about the creative process with others.

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How do I make a story? Let’s try to make one!

I’ll share with you a little about my process for creating stories and illustrations. 
We’ll cover character expressions, how I come up with ideas, make mistakes and improve my work, story structure and how to make a story.
In the process we’ll make a fun story ourselves.

My aims are:


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