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Heath McKenzie

Author and Illustrator

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Heath McKenzie is an award winning author and illustrator. His work is entirely digital – all freehand drawing, just on a screen instead of paper! He has worked with many publishers worldwide and written numerous books including 2018’s Butt Out!, Zoo House and this year’s Archie the Arty Sloth, Arthur and the What Ifs and How To Build The Perfect Cubby House to name a few. He’s possibly best known for illustrating Andy Lee’s Do Not Open This Book series and Tim Cahill’s Tiny Timmy series. He’s also recently collaborated with Justine Clarke and Josh Pyke, as well as Dave Hughes and Holly Ife.

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Students are taken through the process of illustrating a book, the focus being on how much storytelling work the illustrations do beyond the words. Focus is on character design (a load of storytelling happens here before you even begin illustrating the story!) and then illustrating text. All drawing is demonstrated digitally!


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