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Jules Faber

Author and Illustrator

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Jules has worked as an animator, editorial cartoonist, TAFE teacher, comic strip creator, live caricaturist and, most recently, as a children’s book author and illustrator.
Jules has won multiple awards for his work, including Book Of The Year For Older Children in 2014 with Anh Do’s WeirDo, numerous KOALAs (Kids Own Australian Literature Awards) and in 2017, the Best Children’s Book Illustrator award from the Australian Cartoonists Association.
Having illustrated well over 30 books, he is currently celebrating the release of his first book for children as an author, The Quest Diaries of Max Crack.

Presentation Info

Having authored his first book for kids (as well as illustrated) Jules wants to show kids how much fun it can be to capture all their OWN stories into diary form!
The classes will form the basis of developing storytelling, but also recording those moments from a childhood that can disappear forever if not captured and written down.

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