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Sheryl Gwyther


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Sheryl Gwyther is an award-winning Queensland author of historical/adventure novels, chapter books, short stories and school plays. Her works include Secrets of Eromanga, a novel set on an outback fossil dig, Charlie & the Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Princess Clown, Ali Berber & the Forty Grains of Salt, The Black-out Box and dozens of short stories and school plays in The School Magazine.

A veteran researcher, Sheryl has worked on Australia’s largest sauropod dinosaur dig, failed as a juggler, tried to learn the violin, ate the hottest chilli ever and less dangerous deeds … all in the name of creating great stories.

Sweet Adversity, her new historical adventure novel for 10-14 year olds, is set during the worst year of the Great Depression. There, Sheryl found her brave but vulnerable 13-year-old hero, Addie, a Shakespeare-quoting cockatiel called Macbeth, a tribe of lost children and a pair of dastardly villains to chill your bones.

Sheryl’s awards include two ASA Mentorships, two May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust Fellowships, a SCBWI International Work-of-Outstanding-Progress Grant and a RA Marketing Grant, both for ‘Sweet Adversity’.

Sheryl also presents writing workshops and book talks in schools and libraries.

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Writing stories set in the distant past is both fun and challenging – especially immersing young readers into worlds of yesteryear; creating inspiring, memorable story characters; making authentic settings, and a sense of historical events without ‘info-dumping’. 
Sheryl Gwyther will use SWEET ADVERSITY, her recent historical adventure novel set in the 1930’s Great Depression to demonstrate these skills. 


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