Ipswich Drawn Together – Book Resources


This is a range of books we found in Ipswich Central Library that can be used by teachers, parents and anyone wanting to learn more about drawing. Check out other branch libraries and your own school library to see what you can find. The Dewey Number to look under is 741.2.


Books on drawing

Ipswich Drawn Together – Drawing Resources


This is a range of websites including YouTube videos that can be used by teachers, parents and anyone wanting to learn more about drawing. Consider holding or taking part in a Big Draw event in October. It is held all over the world and you can probably find something happening in Ipswich or Brisbane.


How to teach drawing to children

Sketching Basic and materials - video

A drawing exercise every beginner artist should do

How to draw: Free Beginner's Course

Beginner Art and Drawing Lessons

The Big Draw- The World's Largest Drawing Festival

Drawn Together Wales

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Michael Gerard Bauer


When Michael’s early ambitions of becoming a samurai warrior, a ninja or a famous singer-songwriter didn’t eventuate, he followed his love of words and stories and became an English teacher instead. In 2000 he resigned from teaching to pursue his real dream of writing.


Author website

Resources for all books

Activity for Rodney Loses it - Lost Things

Activity for Rodney Loses it - Story Quilt

Mark Greenwood


Mark Greenwood is a history hunter. He enjoys searching for lost explorers and glittering treasure, delving into baffling mysteries and solving famous cold cases. His award-winning books have been enjoyed around the world. This year The Happiness Box has been shortlisted for two awards, CBCA Book of the Year and WA Premier’s Book Awards.


Author website

Teacher notes

Story of the Creation of the Happiness Box original book

The Gift of Happiness - activity